Die Hard - Die Hard (4 stars)

Die Hard - Die Hard

Glasgow outfit's eponymous debut of magnificently off-kilter, avant pop tales

(Halleluwah Hits)

If this Glasgow outfit had named themselves after any other Bruce Willis film we’d have issues, but as it is we’re rather partial to a bit of John McClane action so we’re giving Die Hard a go. Stick their eponymous debut on and you’re immediately confronted with something much more unsettling than Alan Rickman with a German accent, and that’s world of weird opener ‘In The Garden’ with its booming distorted vocals, disjointed beats and randomly stabbing strings.

Despite their titles, scratchy lo-fi ditties ‘Here Goes The Rage’, ‘Nailed to the Cross’, ‘No Vendetta’ and ‘Hands’ prove much sweeter on the ear and by the end of these ten, magnificently off-kilter, avant pop tales of ‘lies, revenge and lust’ we’ve fallen head over heels with a bunch of bams.

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