Interview - David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff - interview

The knightriding, baywatching, car-jumping icon discusses hitting the water and ending the Cold War

First record you ever bought
‘She Wore Blue Velvet’ by Bobby Vincent. [sings] ‘She wore bluuuue velvet’ – either that, or ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles.

Last extravagant purchase you made
Some earrings for my girlfriend.

First film you saw that really moved you
Lawrence of Arabia.

Last lie you told
[laughs] The last question!

First movie you ever went on a date to
Probably Jaws. It was a good date movie because the girl was freaking out and jumping in my arms.

Last time you cried
I was watching Scrooge before Christmas and was really getting into the Christmas spirit with my girlfriend, and I got a little choked up cos it was Christmas and I wasn’t at home.

First thing you do when you’ve got time off work
Hit the water. Wherever I can go, I hit the water, whether it’s the ocean, or in LA it’s Zuma Beach in Malibu, I just hit the water.

Last great meal you cooked
Probably breakfast this morning, I had a fantastic breakfast for myself this morning.

First crush
A girl in grade school, her name was Lucy.

Last book you read
Actually, it was Did David Hasselhoff End the Cold War? I couldn’t believe it, I found this book at the airport: it’s 50 facts you need to know about Europe. I’m reading it to see how accurate they are. It’s pretty accurate, in a way: music like ‘Looking for Freedom’ [see below] was a big influence on Eastern Europe. They were singing ‘Looking for Freedom’ in East Germany when the Wall came down.

First great piece of advice you were given
Never give up and always be yourself.

Last time you were star struck
I met Cary Grant once and I was absolutely star struck. I got his autograph.

First thing you’d do if you ran the country
Every day that the sun came out would be a day off.

Last meal on earth – what would it be
Christmas dinner. I just love Christmas dinner.

First song you’ll sing at karaoke
Probably ‘Jump in my Car’ [listen below].

Last time you exploited your position to get something
About five minutes ago! I was trying to get out of the theatre, and people were following me along, asking for my autograph, and a cab came along, so I waved to him and pointed at my face, and he stopped and let me jump in and we sped off. ‘Hey, it’s Knight Rider!’ ‘Yeah, thank you very much.’ That’s one of the good things about being recognisable – if you need a quick escape, the cabbies will take care of you.

First time you realised you were famous
When I was playing Dr ‘Snapper’ Foster on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Last time someone criticised your work
Hm. The reviews for the panto have been great, actually. My girlfriend told me not to hold the notes so long when I’m singing, it sounds really self-indulgent. She was right, actually.

First three words your friends would use to describe you
They would probably just say he’s got a great sense of humour.

Last time you made an impulse buy and regretted it
My last car.

First concert you ever attended
Led Zeppelin.

Last time you bought someone flowers

First object you’d save from your burning home
Pictures of my children.

Last funny thing you saw online
People responding to my Twitter. I did a contest – if you can name all the cities that I’m on tour in, you’ll receive two tickets and backstage passes. We got 1000 people! We were like, ‘Oh my God, how do we do this?’ We started laughing, then we realised we gotta give away a lot of tickets.

First job
Mowing lawns.

Last person you fantasised about
Hah, we should go back to lying! It was my girlfriend.

First word you spoke

Last crime you committed
I refunded something at a pharmacy, and they gave me more money back than they should’ve.

First song at your (potential) wedding
‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’.

Last song at your funeral
‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’!

First person you’d thank in an award acceptance speech
My father.

Last thing you recommended to someone
Appreciate what you have.

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning
My voice, if I have one. When you’re working two shows a day, that’s what you think of. Then it’s usually, ‘Where am I? What country, what city, where am I?’

Last thing you think of before you go to sleep
I can’t believe I have to get up in five hours!

David Hasselhoff was due to appear at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh on Sun 26 Feb but is regretfully no longer making the journey north. We hope to see him in these parts soon.

David Hasselhoff - Looking for Freedom 1989

David Hasselhoff - Jump In My Car (HQ)

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