Skins series 6 to be 'very violent'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 January 2012
The cast of Skins

Skins cast

The forthcoming sixth series of 'Skins' is set to be ''very violent'' and ''gritty'' and push boundaries ''much more'' than the fifth season

The sixth series of 'Skins' is set to be "very violent" and "gritty".

Jessica Sula - who plays Grace Violet in the E4 teen drama - revealed the forthcoming season is set to push the boundaries "much more" than the fifth series did, and she thinks the show has gone back to how it was when it first hit TV screens in 2007.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "There's a lot more in it this year. Last year it was very slow and steady with new characters, trying to find a new generation. But this year it's very violent, hardcore and gritty. It's a lot more like the original 'Skins'.

"It pushes the boundaries much more than the fifth series. But I felt a lot more relaxed in this series. I was a lot more confident this year."

Will Merrick - who plays Alo in the show, which also stars Dakota Blue Richards (Franky), Freya Mavor (Mini), Sean Teale (Nick) and Alexander Arnold (Rich) - was surprised at just how "outrageous" some of the storylines for the upcoming series are when he first read the script.

He explained: "The first time I read some of the storylines I just thought that's way too much, that's too big, that's outrageous.

"But it's very different reading something on paper and acting it out. When you're acting you can really get into it."

The sixth series of 'Skins' is set to begin on E4 on Monday January 23.

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