Steven Moffat's 'exciting' Sherlock pressure

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  • 11 January 2012
Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch

Steven Moffat found the pressure he was under for the second series of 'Sherlock' ''exciting'' even though there was a lot of expectations on the show

Steven Moffat found the pressure he was under for the second series of 'Sherlock' "exciting".

The series' co-creator says there was a lot of expectation for the latest run of the BBC One detective drama - which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the crime-solving genius - because the first series was so popular but he insists he was worried by it.

He said: "I did a sitcom - 'Chalk' - that wasn't very successful, and we did a second series knowing that the first series had tanked. That was pressure! Coming back to a second series of something that's been so beloved - there's pressure, because there's always pressure - but it's incredibly exciting.

"There's a new spring in the step of the show, I think, particularly with Benedict. As he brilliant as he was, suddenly he knows he's a star. Same thing happened with Matt Smith - you saw it in last year's 'Doctor Who' Christmas special. It was the first time Matt had played the Doctor knowing that he was a hit. You're seeing Benedict flourish into it, and just being such a star."

Steven also revealed he would like to make a third series which focuses on his first meeting and relationship with sidekick John Watson (Martin Freeman).

He added to Digital Spy: "If he survives... there's a whole bunch of details that have never been mentioned before in any film - stuff that we love. The meeting [between Sherlock and John] - I think it's maybe, in the 200-odd Sherlock Holmes dramatisations, it's maybe the third time it's been done. And it's a great first meeting - it's a flat-share. It's flat-share detective thriller comedy - how can you not do that?!

"I don't know if we'll do anything with this, but the fact that Doctor Watson is married for loads of the stories is really interesting. He and Holmes don't always live together and I think that's become a lazy way of doing Sherlock Holmes - they always live together. They didn't actually and why would they? Nobody flat-shares forever, so there's loads of details we can get in there..."

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