Karissa Shannon gives housemates task roles

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  • 10 January 2012
Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Karissa Shannon has assigned fairytale-themed roles to her 'Celebrity big Brother' housemates for the latest shopping task

Karissa Shannon has assigned fairytale roles to her 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates.

The former Playmate was randomly chosen as Goldilocks after answering Big Brother's request for a housemate to go to the diary room and given a secret mission to decide who would play which character in the shopping task.

she chose Kirk, Romeo and Frankie to be the three Little Pigs because "they eat a lot", while Natalie was selected to be Little Red Riding Hood as she is the most caring housemate and "like a mother figure" to the group.

Choosing Nicola as the most evil, and therefore assigning her the role of Big Bad Wolf, Karissa said she picked the glamour model because she "annoys" her and she "doesn't like some of the things" that she says.

Georgia was named Rapunzel because her "epic" hair extensions and eyelashes mean she is the most hairy housemate.

Karissa admitted she thinks Andrew is the least attractive housemate as she assigned him the role of Beast, while her twin Kristina will be Beauty.

Gareth came in for praise, with Karissa admitting she likes "his body and accent", meaning as the most handsome housemate he will play the Prince.

As the most dishonest contestant, Natasha was named Pinocchio, while Michael is Gepetto as his constant cleaning led Karissa to praise him as the most hardworking member of the household.

Denise was given the role as The Three Bears because Karissa identified her as most likely to cuddle up to Golidlocks - because her bed is next to hers.

Now they have been assigned their roles, the housemates will be given a variety of tasks that will affect how much they receive in their shopping budget.

'Celebrity Big Brother' continues on Channel 5.

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