Killers, The - CD review (3 stars)

The Killer

Sam’s Town (Vertigo)


If any band had ‘stadium fodder’ tattooed across their skinny asses from day one, it was The Killers. This second album is supposed to secure their place as true festival headlining prospects, which it will of course, but overall, Sam’s Town is way more patchy than such a lofty pedestal commands.

When The Killers get blustery and bombastic they are unbeatable - first single ‘When You Were Young’ is a thundering example. There’s another half dozen of these juiced up, over-blown, Duran-fuelled melodramas contained within and they are for the most part tremendous fun. The Killers do however, remain a band with only one (albeit pretty strong) string to their bow. ‘My List’ is a flabby munter of a ballad that aims for U2 meets Depeche Mode but ends up as bad Aztec Camera meets even badder Journey. Make of that what you will. See you down the front at T in the Park, late Saturday evening.

The Killers

Las Vegas rockers famed for their glamorous take on indie rock'n'roll. The Killers are Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitars), Mark Stoermer (bass) and Ronnie Vannucci (drums).

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