Jorgie Porter worried of DOI 'flesh-slicing'

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  • 8 January 2012
Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter

Jorgie Porter is worried she will ''slice bits of flesh off'' herself on 'Dancing On Ice' when the competition returns to ITV1 tonight (08.01.12)

Jorgie Porter is worried she will "slice bits of flesh off" herself on 'Dancing On Ice'.

The 'Hollyoaks' actress - who will perform with professional skater Matt Evers when the competition returns to ITV1 tonight (08.01.12) - is concerned that she could injure herself during training after seeing her castmates Kieran Richardson and Jennifer Metcalfe suffer mishaps when they previously took part in the celebrity skating contest.

She said: "I'm quite worried that I'll slice bits of flesh off my legs, because the blades are really sharp.

"Last year Jen cut a bit of her leg out - an actual chunk - and Kieron bust his lip open."

Despite her fears, Jorgie - who plays teen tearaway Theresa McQueen in 'Hollyoaks' - is not afraid to tackle new stunts on the ice, but admits her worries grow the more she practices each lift and jump.

She added in an interview with heat magazine: "The thing is, when my skating partner Matt Evers says, 'Let's do this trick', I can do it straight away. But when he says, 'Now we'll break it down,' that's when it gets complicated and I can't do it."

Jorgie admits one of her biggest motivations is wanting to do better than her rivals, Sugababes singer Heidi Range and actress Jennifer Ellison.

She saids: "I do get a little bit competitive. If they can swing in the air, then I have to swing in the air. Or at least try to.

"Who's my biggest competition? Heidi Range and Jennifer Ellison. I think they both come from dancing backgrounds. I've seen Jen in the film 'Phantom of the Opera' - she did ballet in that and she was beautiful."

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