Prinzhorn Dance School - Clay Class (2 stars)

Prinzhorn Dance School - Clay Class

Understated and minimal post-punk effort, but with divisive shouty vocals


Whether or not you like Prinzhorn Dance School probably hinges on the vocals. Depending on where you stand on a half shouted vocal (see Mark E Smith, Architecture in Helsinki, Gang of Four et al), their self-titled debut, put out on in 2007 on New York’s dance-punk label DFA, was either a work of unbridled majesty or a confusingly over-hyped enigma.

While the stripped-down beats here are undeniably itchy, echoing the understated dancefloor draw and well-constructed empty spaces of The xx, or a more minimal take on The Cure, if Suzi Horn and Tobin Prinz’s yelped and drawled vocals didn’t do it for you the first time around, chances are they are still going to be a hurdle.

Prinzhorn Dance School: "Crackjack Docker"

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