Preview of 2012 - Arika12

Preview of 2012 - Arika12

Mind expanding, cross-art discussion festival from the INSTAL and Kill Your Timid Notion creators

'At a conference or festival, the best discussions are often the ones you have at the bar,’ says Barry Esson, co-organiser of Arika12. So, in the hope of stimulating some thought-provoking and who knows, maybe even life-enhancing discussion, he and partner Bryony McIntyre have constructed a ‘deliberately convivial’ new three-part festival.

The first instalment is in January and centres around film. Episodes two and three follow in February and March and cover, firstly, the themes of nihilism and the self, then finally, the boundaries between political activism, current affairs reporting and art. Each weekend will feature film screenings, performances and workshops – and hopefully impromptu chats over pints or cups of tea in the bar afterwards.

‘You can sit at home and read a film magazine, or a music magazine,’ explains Esson, ‘with writers discussing themes you find interesting; we’d love this to work almost like a live film or music magazine, if that makes sense?’

Episode 1: A Film is a Statement, CCA, Glasgow, Thu 19–Sun 22 Jan.

ARIKA14 Episode 6: Make a Way Out of No Way

2014's series of experimental events from Arika (who were behind the Instal and Kill Your Timid Notion festivals). Each installment is designed to explore a particular theme through screenings, performances and debate.

ARIKA13 Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

This instalment brings members of the New York House & Ballroom community to Glasgow, along with queer theorists, performance artists, archivists, theologians and filmmakers, to explore Voguing, drag, clubbing, and the politics of race, class and gender.

ARIKA12 Episode 3: Copying Without Copying

The last in Arika's series of short festivals is focused on copying and repetition in experimental performances. An informal atmosphere means that discussion of each performance between artist, writer and audience is welcomed.

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