Exposure: Dead Boy Robotics

Exposure: Dead Boy Robotics

Edinburgh's avant synth-pop outfit, who released their self-titled debut album in November on Tape

The name Dead Boy Robotics must be an obscenely cool reference to an obscure sci-fi tome, right?
No, they came up with the name all by themselves. It fits pretty well as it happens; they describe their sound as an amalgam of ‘laptop bleeps, synth squalls, guitars, tribal drumming, yelps and screams’. They’re also big fans of Blade Runner.

Ah, do dead androids dream of recently deceased electronic sheep?
Umm, it’s more a case of intergalactic Gregorian monks meet a polite version of the Beastie Boys, underpinned by a touch of the lyrically macabre wrapped up in a hypnotic wash of textured vocals and sparsely executed beats.

Oh. So worth a listen then?
Undoubtedly so – since being picked to play T In The Park’s unsigned stage in July 2009, the band have had a couple of years to perfect and hone their sound. Although influenced by the likes of Animal Collective, Subtle, Liars and HEALTH, theirs is a very unique, focused and fresh sound and the album is potted with moments of pure brilliance.

The single ‘Gatherer on the Threshold’ is a quite excellent piece of songwriting: melodically instant, lyrically inventive and bound by a very effective arrangement that demonstrates the trio’s keen understanding of dynamics. The insanely inventive ‘Danger Diamonds’ springs delightful surprise after surprise.

Dead Boy Robotics play the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Fri 20 Jan. Dead Boy Robotics is out now on Tape.

Dead Boy Robotics - 'Gatherer on the Threshold'

Dead Boy Robotics, Vasa, Edinburgh School for the Deaf and Blank Canvas

New Wave electro punk sounds from Dead Boy Robotics, plus Glaswegian instrumentalists Vasa, atmospheric Edinburgh six-piece ESFTD and post-punk four-piece Blank Canvas.

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