Pam St. Clement didn't want Pat killed off

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  • 3 January 2012
Pam St Clement

Pam St. Clement

Pam St. Clement has admitted she didn't want 'EastEnders' bosses to kill off her character Pat Evans because she is concerned about the lack of older residents on Albert Square

Pam St. Clement didn't want 'EastEnders' bosses to kill off Pat Evans.

The veteran actress - whose final scenes as the Walford matriarch aired on New Year's Day (01.01.12) - hoped her character would leave Albert Square alive because she is concerned about the lack of older residents on the soap.

She said: "I didn't want the character to die. Not just because I was being a typical actor who wanted a comfort zone or a safety net to fall back on just in case but I felt that a particular generation of characters in Albert Square is getting a bit thin on the ground.

"Lose Pat and you were losing someone who was - not a foundation stone - but I've always put it like, characters like myself are like the fruitcake and all the people who do the sexy scenes are like the icing. We form a foundation which is necessary for that."

However, Pam admitted she was thrilled when lead writer Simon Ashdown gave her his idea for Pat's exit and found the scenes very "challenging" to film.

She added in an interview on ITV1's 'This Morning: "Simon had this idea for the character which fitted with her history of health in a sense, and said, 'This is how we'd like it to happen, we think it's a fitting end and tribute to the character'.

"I read the script and thought, 'This is fantastic', it's every actor's dream and I have to say, it challenged me probably in a way that I hadn't been challenged. It was moving, it was challenging, it was a script I needed to get my teeth in to."

Pat died surrounded by her family and Pam paid tribute to her co-stars and the crew on the BBC One soap who made her character's death such a "fantastic" episode.

She said: "The script, the performances, the direction all turned out to be a fantastic ensemble piece and that's because of everybody. I was doing precious little really, in performance terms, of the amount I had to do. Everyone was pulling and doing, there were great performances and that made it fantastic."

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