Lauren Pope: I need a PA

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  • 2 January 2012
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Lauren Pope

The Only Way Is Essex's Lauren Pope aims to get a personal assistant in 2012

Lauren Pope aims to get a personal assistant in 2012.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star - who is also a successful DJ - explained her life is so hectic that she never has time to do "boring stuff" like paying bills, and needs to employ someone to help her with her day to day tasks.

She said: "I need to get organised! It's hard to live a normal life with our schedule for filming and everything else, so on days off, I end up paying bills and doing all the boring stuff. I need a PA!"

Lauren also admitted after splitting up from 'TOWIE' co-star Kirk Norcross - who has since quit the show - earlier this year, she will be on the lookout for a new man over the coming year.

She added in an interview with new! magazine: "I've had the best few months, I've had a lot of fun. It had been a bit s**tty, and it wasn't the nicest of times but I'm at the point now where I'm ready to find someone.

"I'm getting over the Kirk situation now, so I think it's the right time for me."

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