Serge Pizzorno wants Christmas dinosaur

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 December 2011

Serge Pizzorno

Kasabian rocker serge Pizzorno wants a dinosaur for Christmas

Serge Pizzorno wants a dinosaur for Christmas.

The Kasabian guitarist would love nothing more than to find an extinct animal waiting for him when he gets up tomorrow (25.12.11).

Asked what he wants for Christmas, he said: "A huge diplodocus, that in my garden would be incredible, all over that."

His bandmate, singer Tom Meighan, has an equally ambitious gift list - with a castle of his own topping his festive requests.

He said: "Someone could build me one in the middle of Ireland, where my family's from. I reckon I'd drop the drawbridge, going, 'You're not coming in!'"

Serge also claimed he'd like to see muscle bound fictional TV cartoon figure He-Man take over from the traditional figure of the red clad bearded Santa Claus.

He added: "Maybe He-Man could deliver the presents instead of Santa Claus. That'd be better. I think he'd make a better Santa. You could look up to him as well, he'd be a sort of hero. With Santa you're not that really bothered about him, whereas with He-Man you'd be like, 'Yeah'!"

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