How to survive a Christmas away from home

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  • 22 December 2011
How to survive a Christmas away from home

Top tips for living an independent Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is a recipe for nostalgia and is synonymous with home, family and friends, irrelevant of age. However, at some stages in life, spending a Christmas away from home can be unavoidable. If you’re travelling, have recently moved away or even relocated abroad, you may have left family and friends behind. So here are some tips on how to keep spirits high and have a Christmas with the best of both worlds: independence with a sprinkling of home comfort.

Utilise technology

Why not use video calling to talk to your loved ones back at home? This way, you can visually update each other on your Christmas presents and have face-to-face conversations.

Send presents

Send thoughtful gifts to your loved ones for Christmas. Rather than sending loads of bulky presents, why not keep it simple and send a few little thoughtful gifts to save on costs?

You could send your family some photos of your new surroundings and post some local souvenirs to your friends. Using a faithful courier service will ensure your presents are delivered in time for Christmas morning.

Alternatively, you could bake some festive mince pies or Christmas cake and send home a sample. Using next day delivery, your treats will get home nice and fresh, and you and your family can nibble your way to an afternoon nap on matching snacks.

Keep busy

Alleviate any pangs of homesickness by keeping yourself busy. If you’ve only just moved away and haven’t yet met many people, why not volunteer over Christmas at a local soup kitchen or charity shop? This way you’ll keep busy, as well as being sociable and charitable.

Keep it familiar

If you have any specific traditions at home, perhaps a particular Christmas breakfast or a January sales shopping ritual, make sure you keep it up. Maybe your parents have a penchant for a certain colour of decorations that you could stock up on?

Lastly, remember – being away from home for Christmas is a chance to capture the best parts, whilst avoiding the downfalls of elderly relatives, squealing children and too many sprouts.

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