Andy Sugden's 'shock' at saviour child

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  • 21 December 2011
Charley Webb

Charley Webb

'Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is left ''shocked'' when Debbie Dingle's suggestion they try and conceive a child together as a bone marrow donor for their seriously ill daughter Sarah Sugden

'Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is left "shocked" by Debbie Dingle's suggestion they try and conceive a child.

The farmer - played by Kelvin Fletcher - is left reeling when his ex-girlfriend (Charley Webb) suggests the only way to save their seriously ill daughter, Sarah Sugden, is to have another baby together who could act as a bone marrow donor.

However, the controversial move is sure to upset their respective current partners Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson) and Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).

Kelvin said: "Andy thinks it's a wind up. When he realises it's not, he's extremely shocked she's even mentioning such a thing. Apart from anything else, Andy can't see how Cameron and Alicia would accept it.

"He's very concerned about telling Alicia. He nearly lost her over the whole artificial insemination baby thing, so he's bound to lose her over this."

The situation is only made worse when Alicia decides to leave Andy, putting further pressure on him and his tumultuous relationship.

Kevin added in an interview with Soaplife magazine: "He's hurt, but at the same time he knows he must do all he can to help Sarah.

"He's definitely willing to sacrifice his relationship for his daughter. He'll do whatever it takes, and if that means him losing everything around him, he's prepared for that to happen."

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