The View - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 19 Dec (4 stars)

The View - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 19 Dec

Raucous, lager-soaked rock'n'roll show

Being partial to the occasional shandy, it pained The List to witness the mass lager sacrifice that occurred at the ABC this night – nary a punter was spared a shower of the gods’ amber nectar as high-spirited young souls sent pint after pint looping through the air. Luckily Dundonian indie-rock scallywags The View were on hand to offer some distraction, looking thoroughly unfazed by the hail of beer-filled plastic pots aimed their way even as it intensified with their best songs, which seemed confusing.

One of three Glasgow shows (a hopefully drier afternoon matinee performance preceded this one) in a mini-tour of Scotland, this was a chance for the band to try out some new material while treating their young fans to a spot of pre-Christmas bedlam. Say what you like about The View – and they’re no sophisticates – they didn’t half put on a red-lining, raucous and rousing show.

‘Superstar Tradesman’, ‘Wasted Little DJs’ and ‘Grace’ all boasted noisy, pulse-quickening choruses that suckered you right in the pit of the stomach. As shirtless lads communed in a blokey way down the front, there was a potent mixture of rowdy celebration and mild menace – surely the essence of any good rock’n’roll show – in the air throughout. Somewhere up there among all the lager anyway.

The View - Wasted Little DJ's

The View

Dundonian indie scamps who rose to fame with their 2007 debut album Hats Off to the Buskers. They are known for their raucous live shows and were inducted into the Barrowland Ballroom Hall of Fame in 2017.

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