Piers Morgan: It's weird when guests don't cry

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  • 20 December 2011
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has admitted he finds it ''weird'' when guests on his 'Life Stories' chat show don't cry

Piers Morgan thinks it's "weird" when guests on his 'Life Stories' chat show don't cry.

The 46-year-old TV presenter is famous for reducing many of the stars who appear on his programme - including the likes of Cheryl Cole and Peter Andre - to blubbering wrecks, but he believes it would be strange if they were able to talk about the "most private, emotional" parts of their lives without getting teary eyed.

He explained: "To be honest I don't really mind if people cry or not, some people just don't. It's

become a bit of a joke with some people to not cry, but the reality is, if you're talking about people's

lives I think that it's perfectly natural.

"I never feel anything other than warmth towards the guests if they get emotional because I think, 'Well

they care, they're showing passion, they're showing emotion'.

"The ones who don't show any emotion, you always think, 'Well they're a bit weird aren't they? Talking about some of the most private, emotional parts in your life with this stony face. I find that more unusual."

Meanwhile, Piers doesn't think the calibre of guests on the show matters because the format

guarantees a good interview anyway.

Speaking on Ian Wright's Absolute Radio show, he said: "I think 'Life Stories' has become one of those shows where hopefully you can interview almost anybody, but if the interview is good enough and their life experiences have been rounded enough and interesting enough, it'll always be a good show."

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