Steven Moffat to kill off Sherlock?

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  • 20 December 2011
Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Steven Moffat has hinted he could kill off Sherlock Holmes in BBC One drama 'Sherlock'

Steven Moffat has hinted he could kill off Sherlock Holmes.

The 'Doctor Who' writer has promised fans of BBC One drama series 'Sherlock' - which stars Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role and Martin Freeman as his assistant Dr. Watson - that there are plenty of shocks in store for the upcoming series and admitted none of the characters are safe.

He said: "There's no guarantee we'll bring him back. New episodes depend on whether he survives or not.

Asked if he is going to kill the golden goose, Steven joked "It depends on if the golden goose tastes good or not."

Steven was reluctant to give away too many details of the upcoming series but revealed the detective's nemesis Moriarty would be a recurring character

He added in an interview on 'BBC Breakfast': "Moriarty runs throughout the series, there's a big battle between him and Sherlock."

Steven also revealed some details on the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special, claiming it has a "flavour of Narnia".

He said: "There's a slight flavour of Narnia in this one, yes - it's not the same story at all by any means. Last year we pretty much did A Christmas Carol beat-for-beat, but this time it's just a sort of flavouring of that really.

"The Doctor ends up in debt to someone, his life is saved by someone, and a few years later he returns to save their Christmas because these children have just lost their father - of course being the Doctor he just endangers them terribly, but that's sort of what he'd like."

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