Meanwhile, It's Will and Greg (4 stars)

Meanwhile, It's Will and Greg

Will Andrews and Greg McHugh revive their Ugly Kid sketch talents for radio

On first hearing that Will Andrews and Greg McHugh have collaborated for sketch work under the moniker of Will & Greg, the cynical might believe this to be a forced pairing simply to fulfil a US TV show pun. Reflect on this, cynics: the duo's working relationship goes back, at the very least, to the 2007 Fringe when they appeared in sketch team Ugly Kid before cracking open their W&G career in 2008. Reviews were largely positive for their coupling featuring adjectives such as 'sophisticated', 'inventive' and 'assured'.

And now they are back to take the plunge on radio with Meanwhile, It's Will & Greg, episode one of which happily strikes the right notes more often than not. Opening up with a South African hostage negotiator whose pedantry is a hindrance to progress, they move onto a series of further unfortunate incidents. An awful superhero called The Comeback King is chosen (perhaps unwisely) as the main recurring character while a terrible cat behavioural specialist fails to contain a fractious moggy.

Slipping in and out of gear with much success, there's a temporary traffic lights scene which sounds distinctly Limmy-esque while a second date goes wrong when the bloke inexplicably brings a farmer along. While the majority of scenes border on jolly, their darker side comes to the fore with Andrews' blind naivety resulting in his hand being repeatedly slammed in a drawer. Some things are definitely better suited to radio.

Radio 4, Thu 5 Jan, 11pm.

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