Dan Sartain – Too Tough To Live (4 stars)

Dan Sartain – Too Tough To Live

Old School punk album from the raw rock'n'roller

(One Little Indian)

The handsome Alabama rocker’s throwback blues and rockabilly sound has always been fuelled by a raw power reminiscent of punk. For his sixth album, the greasy-quiffed one has embraced the punk rock style as well as its spirit with a faster than hell short long-player that crams 13 tracks into less than 19 minutes.

The vocals and guitar licks remain recognisably Sartain’s, but the sound’s less trashy rock’n’roll, more straightforwardly old school punk; the influence here less The Cramps, more The Ramones, the attitude, as on ‘Fuck F*iday’ and ‘Now Now Now’ (a duet with The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin), angry and impatient. One suspects Too Tough … is scorching interlude rather than a new direction for Sartain. But that’s just fine.

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