Mull Historical Society - City Awakenings (3 stars)

Mull Historical Society - City Awakenings

Varied collection of often backwards-looking eccentricities

(Xtra Mile Recordings)

A decade after the Mull Historical Society debut Loss, Colin MacIntyre marks the event with another gentle, curious and occasionally awkward platter, as they called them back in the early 00s. In some ways, MHS are becoming more old-fashioned. The opener trots along pleasantly, but it’s called ‘Must You Make Eyes at Me Now’: does anyone under the age of 63 really say that anymore? And the closing ‘Thameslink’ recalls the shimmery in-a-cave indie vocal and guitar sound of the 80s/early 90s: does anyone really need to hear that anymore?

There are other arguably more pleasant eccentricities here: the festive, jingly intro and chorus of ‘For Bas, The Hague’ sound like Jona Lewie and Greg Lake having a wrestle on Boxing Day while the plaintive ‘This is Not My Heart’ is a born winner. A frustrating oddity.

Colin MacIntyre / Mull Historical Society: 'City Awakenings' The Making Of (Full length)

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