Enrico Rava - Tribe (4 stars)

Enrico Rava - Tribe

Great collaboration between Italians Rava, Gianluca Petrella, Giovanni Guidi and Giacomo Ancillotto


The great Italian trumpet master and trombonist Gianluca Petrella are a well-proven combination, and are joined here by a new rhythm section for Rava’s regular group, led by the excellent Giovanni Guidi on piano, and augmented on three tunes by guitarist Giacomo Ancillotto.

It’s another winning combination, whether they are reworking material from several of the trumpeter’s earlier projects, including ‘Cornetteology’ and ‘Garbage Can Blues’, or working through new compositions. The haunting brass textures, Rava’s trademark majestic lyricism and the group’s delicate interplay are equally apparent on atmospheric ballads, melancholic sketches, boisterous free-bop and a closing free improvisation.

Enrico Rava Quintet - Garbage Can Blues

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