Chris Isaak - Beyond the Sun (3 stars)

Chris Isaak - Beyond the Sun

Listenable but redundant take on some of Sun Records' finest

(Vanguard Records/Rhino)

During its 1950s heyday, Sun Records churned out standards by the bucketload from the likes of Elvis, Cash and Orbison. During the recording of Beyond the Sun, David Lynch’s favourite bequiffed rockabilly star was presumably so weighed down by the history that he has laid down cover versions so close to the originals that they can’t even be described as ‘interpretations’.

The obvious criticism of this Stars in Their Eyes-like CD is that with the originals all readily available out there, why bother trawling through this for the Chris Isaak take on ‘I Walk the Line’, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ or ‘Great Balls of Fire’? Beyond the Sun is simultaneously difficult to hate and impossible to see the point of.

Chris Isaak - I Walk the Line

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