Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic (4 stars)

Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic

Superb third album that should push the foursome out of Mogwai's shadow

(Rock Action)

Lazily regarded as Mogwai-lite for most of their seven year existence, Errors’ third offering finally sees the Glasgow foursome shrug off the shackles of their legendary label founders’ early patronage. Anyone with half a brain could see there was more to them than being mere post-rock copycats though; 2008 debut It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever was a strong early statement of their wonderfully off-kilter, electronic intent, and 2010’s Come Down With Me saw them push that further, as the band dabbled with afrobeat and brought the beauty and emotion in their soundscapes to the fore.

But Have Some Faith In Magic is an even larger leap forwards; more intricate and infectious than anything the quartet have previously attempted, their sound now straddles an incredibly wide array of genres and even features prominent vocals (a first for the group) whilst still remaining true to Errors’ leftfield roots. Said to be inspired by ‘everything from French synth-pop of the 1970s and 80s, to German kosmiche (in particular Tangerine Dream and Wolfgang Riechmann)’, and the Cocteau Twins – the haunting ‘Blank Media’ is a must-hear – these ten tracks shimmer and sizzle from start to finish, creatively constructed and delivered with career-high confidence.

Twinkling synths, woozy riffs and pulsing rhythms propel swoonsome melodies on opener ‘Tusk’, glacial ballad ‘The Knock’ (inspired by band member Stephen Livingstone’s love of hillwalking) is another highlight, ‘Barton Spring’ is so clunky and punchy it verges on the industrial, and ‘Magna Encarta’ is a bashed drums and squealing solos-ridden sonic tapestry. But it’s ‘Earthscore’ and ‘Pleasure Palaces’ that thrill the most; dark, danceable beasts which burst into life as monastic chant bleeds in and out throughout. Superb.

Errors - Earthscore

Errors and Dam Mantle

Glasgow electronica outfit going from strength to strength with third album Have Some Faith In Magic out on Mogwai's Rock Action label.

Errors, Polinski, Ghosting Season, Novella, The Proper Ornaments

On the back of a 3 track demo recorded in Simon's bedroom the band quickly set about making a name for themselves in their hometown with their unique take on electro. Errors merged spiky new-wave guitars with deep bass-y acid sounds with a knack for melody and pop hooks beyond their years. The band were soon taken under…

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