The Big Pink - Future This (2 stars)

The Big Pink - Future This

Second electro-pop offering let down by over-egged desire to be anthemic


It’s easy to assume that London duo Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell’s oft-scrutinised industry connections have earned them their breaks while ignoring the fact that the dark, feedback and effects-swathed element of their music honours 4AD’s goth and dream-pop heritage quite impressively. But like The Big Pink’s much-hyped 2009 debut album A Brief History of Love, the overall aesthetic of Future This isn’t so much the problem as its tiresome insistence on striving to be so bloody skyscrapingly anthemic.

‘Stay Gold’ is practically a re-write of their tactless electro-rock signature number ‘Dominoes’; the synth-pop meets industrial doom feel of ‘Lose Your Mind’ makes them sound like a boyband produced by Trent Reznor. Glitchy electro ballad ‘77’ would be likeable but for Furze’s typically overwrought vocal, as he emotes obliquely about ‘77 ways to say no-o-o-oh.’ One is sufficient.

The Big Pink - 'Stay Gold'

The Big Pink, 2:54 and Blank Canvas

Over-14s show. Electro indie rockers, named after The Band's album/recording studio, and best known for their anthem 'Dominoes'. Support from sisterly duo 2:54.

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