Aeroc – R+B=? (3 stars)

Aeroc – R+B=?

Geoff White's minimal techno alterego saves his best material for last on new album

(Ghostly International)

Previously known for minimal techno releases on the likes of Traum, Force Inc and Psytrax, US producer Geoff White adopted the Aeroc moniker for more experimental offerings, resulting in 2004’s Viscous Solid album.

Seven years later, R+B=? sees him resurrect the persona for a further collection of glitchy, laidback electronica, though this time he combines it with flourishes of acoustic guitar; nearly every track sees differing clicks, whirrs and pops accompanied by a varied selection of plucked chords to pleasant but largely innocuous effect.

Nine tracks in, White eventually ditches the guitar to focus on more electronic elements and at last, we are treated to something a bit a more stimulating; ‘Avalon’ and the subsequent ‘Some Kisses’ seem almost edgy in comparison with what has gone on before while closer, ‘All For Now’ successfully blends wistful guitar, keys and metronomic beat to give a glimpse of what might have been.

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