The Lost Sock Princess (4 stars)

The Lost Sock Princess

Puppet Lab's festive show for under-sevens is infectious, interactive fun

Ever wondered what happens to your socks when they disappear from the washing machine? Puppet Lab provides some highly persuasive answers to this conundrum in a big-hearted entertainment pitched at children under the age of seven.

The show kicks off in the Traverse bar, where our odd socks are given a long-overdue makeover thanks to an abundant supply of stringy hair of all colours, noses large and small and twinkling button eyes. Inkeeping with the show’s ‘dare to be different’ message, socks of all shapes and sizes are welcome – as long as they’re clean.

This interactive spirit continues in the auditorium, where performers Kim Bergsagal and Rachael Macintyre invite the audience to suggest backdrops for their story, in which a lonely sock travels through a portal in the washing machine on a quest to be reunited with its pair. Settings such as a mountain, a jungle and an underwater scene are minimally created using cardboard shapes and a few lighting changes. The title character takes a wee while to make her appearance, but there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way, thanks to the warmth and infectious enthusiasm of the two performers, the constant interaction with the audience and the simple, universal premise.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, until Fri 23 Dec.

The lost Sock Princess

Lost Sock Princess

If you've ever wondered where all the odd socks come from, join the Lost Sock Princess as she finally explains. Ages 3–7.

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