In Process and Great Debates

In Process and Great Debates

Ron Butlin

The Scottish Writers’ Centre's events are keeping the country's literary talent in the spotlight

When it comes to getting the literary community ablaze with conversation or putting scribes under the microscope, the Scottish Writers’ Centre seem to have it down to a fine art just now. In Process is their monthly series of events in which a writer pops by to discuss the whys and wherefores of creative writing and how they go about trying to achieve the best results. The opening salvo is delivered by Edinburgh Makar Ron Butlin (Thu 5 Jan) with a talk about how he writes across various genres such as poetry, fiction and opera. In Process event number two features Alasdair Gray’s biographer and author of No Fireworks Rodge Glass teaming up with comics man Dave Turbitt (Thu 2 Feb) to disclose the secrets behind their joint graphic novel, Dougie’s War.

‘Let’s have a heated debate,’ proclaimed Mrs Merton back in her chat show days. The SWC could well have adopted that battle cry for their new series of Great Debates. This month features a question raised by the Gaelic Literature Forum (Sat 28 Jan): ‘How can publishers and educators meet the needs of Gaelic Writers?’ Meanwhile, the series is kicked off by Ewan Morrison (Thu 19 Jan) who asks this conversation-greaser: ‘The end of books?’ The author of short story collection The Last Book You Read and man behind the Tales from the Mall project delivered a talk on this very subject at the 2011 Edinburgh Book Festival and in an age when traditional reading formats are being swiftly remoulded, it’s clearly a pertinent issue.

CCA, Glasgow, Thu 5, 19, Sat 28 Jan, Thu 2 Feb.

Scottish Writers' Centre presents Ron Butlin, In Process

In the first of a new series of events from the SWC focussing on the craft of writing, Edinburgh Makar Butlin talks in detail about how he writes poetry, novels and even the odd opera.

Scottish Writers' Centre presents Rodge Glass, In Process

The second of the SWC's events coaxing writers into explaining their creative process features Glasgow literati and Alasdair Gray's biographer Rodge Glass together with artist Dave Turbitt, talking about their co-authored graphic novel, Dougie's War.

Scottish Writers' Centre Great Debates

The SWC sets the cat among the pigeons with a series of 'Great Debates' on hot literary topics.

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