The top books for a healthy start to 2012

The top books for getting 2012 off to a healthy start

Books on dieting and exercise from Tracy Griffen, Mike Dow, John Briffa, Ruth Field and Max Tomlinson

It’s that time of year when the season’s jollities come back to haunt you. Stepping on the scales or glancing in the mirror can be a pretty scary prospect. Fortunately, you’re never short of advice in written form come January. Edinburgh-based personal trainer Tracy Griffen publishes her Healthy Living Yearbook (Griffen Fitness), a guide to a better lifestyle which is moulded around the four seasons, offering fitness ideas come wind, rain or snow (it’s Scotland, remember) and providing healthy seasonal recipes.

When you see books written by a doctor, you might feel comforted or experience an overwhelming desire to run a mile. Dr Mike Dow is the co-host of American show Freaky Eaters and in Diet Rehab (Michael Joseph) he aims to get you off junk food in one month. Meanwhile, Escape the Diet Trap (Fourth Estate) from Dr John Briffa is subtitled ‘lose weight for good without calorie-counting, extensive exercise or hunger’ thus pushing a whole host of buttons in one go.

When it comes to telling (or selling) you straight, some authors have chosen to adopt the ‘F’ word, presumably in an attempt to probe deep into your guilty zones. Run, Fat Bitch, Run (Sphere) by Ruth Field will have you sprinting towards success and Target Your Fat Spots (Quadrille) from Max Tomlinson seeks to rid you of bingo wings, protruding belly, heavy thighs, big bottom, love handles or those man boobs. Should you have all of the above, a mere book might not save you.

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