Top 5 secretive dance acts

Top 5 secretive dance acts

In honour of notoriously interview-shy producer Fake Blood we name our favourite mysterious DJs

Fake Blood

For several years no one even knew who Fake Blood was. He was eventually outed as Theo Keating aka DJ Touché (one half of The Wiseguys), and while it’s now a fairly open secret he still refuses to do photo shoots and turns down nearly every interview request. Perhaps it’s a move to distance his deliciously hyperactive electro bangers and sample heavy cut-and-paste funk sets from his big beat past. As he explained in an incredibly rare interview with Kitchen Sink Radio: ‘It makes for a much easier life, I just want to make the records, do the DJ sets and the rest of it you can invent.’

Daft Punk

OK, so we know Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter make up Daft Punk but photos of the French duo are like hen’s teeth. There are a couple of very early shots but even before they adopted their robotic alter-egos all their press material featured them wearing masks and digitally distorted imagery.


No one knows who’s behind the expressionless crimson mask. A few rumours suggest Redshape is a well-known name in dance music (from Dave Clarke to Luke Slater to Carl Craig to Tiësto) but all we know for sure is he lives in Berlin and produces funky Detroit-style techno.

Rex the Dog

Let’s get this straight. Jake Williams is funky cartoon canine Rex the Dog but he just won’t confirm it. He skirts around any questions on the subject and even did a radio interview with Annie Mac where barks were played to answer any questions (once for ‘yes’ and twice for ‘no’).


In a recent List interview Scuba told us about Close who’d remixed one of his tracks: ‘I’m not sure if I’m supposed to reveal what or who Close is; all I’ll say is that you’re probably familiar with the people involved.’ He/she also recently remixed Little Dragon and if you head to you’ll hear three deep floaty snippets and the statement ‘Close is the brainchild of an artist who initially wishes to remain anonymous.’ We are officially intrigued.

Xplicit & Wax On present Fake Blood and Jakwob, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Jan.

Fake Blood - Mars (Original Mix)

Daft Punk - Around The World

redshape - alone on mars?

Rex The Dog Album Minimix

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