Words Per Minute: Five new Scottish writers

Five new Scottish writers selected by Words Per Minute

Allan Wilson, Neil Butler, Kirsty Logan, William Letford, Simon Sylvester

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1: Allan Wilson

His brilliant debut collection, Wasted in Love, pulls together spare, twisted stories from Glasgow's young and wasted. He's a great reader of his own work, too.

2: Neil Butler

Two great books of short stories by young Scottish gents in one year? The Roost has made me simultaneously fascinated by and determined never to visit Shetland. We really want to have him on at WPM in 2012.

3: Kirsty Logan

OK, this is cheating a little as she's a WPM co-host, but as she doesn't know I'm submitting this: Kirsty's dark, sexy fairytales have made her a favourite on Radio 4 this year, and drawn comparisons to Angela Carter. www.kirstylogan.com

4: William Letford

Sometime poet, sometime roofer (pictured), with a debut collection coming out next year, and one of the most electrifying live performers around. Buy the book, and don't ever turn down a chance to see him live.

5: Simon Sylvester

He's best known for his Twitter-length short stories (check them out at @Simonasylvester) with a book, 140 Characters, out this year, but as his longer work in Gutter Magazine has shown, this Invernesian is a major talent.

Selected by Kirstin Innes from Words Per Minute.

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