Best of 2011: Comedy

The best comedy shows of 2011, including Tim Key, Tommy Tiernan, Stephen Merchant, Luke Wright and Jerry Sadowitz

Best of 2011: Comedy

Tim Key

Having netted Edinburgh’s big fat award for comedy in 2009, the former Coward blasted back in August with an absolute corker of a show. Masterslut was a masterclass of interactive improv raised to glorious levels by the most memorable use of a fully-drawn bath in comedy history.
Original review - Tim Key

Tommy Tiernan

Setting aside his penchant for controversy and going down the road of playfulness and ‘devilment’, the Irish comedian brought Poot to town, a hilarious and thoughtful analysis of the behavioural patterns society deems ‘normal’. With the added bonus of an Early Learning Centre bubble machine.
Original review - Tommy Tiernan

Stephen Merchant

Revelling in the opportunity to come out from the shadow of ‘his nibs’, the Oggmonster gave us Hello Ladies! A straight-down-the-line funny-as-hell show about his life-long inability to scoop himself a lady, Merchant used his vast height, comedy face and a rather wonderful way with some funny words to brilliant effect.
Interview - Stephen Merchant

Luke Wright

Are you meant to be moved to tears at a comedy show? The Aisle 16 chap achieved this rare feat with aplomb in a couple of places during his Cynical Ballads show which offered up eight poetically funny/sad ‘caustic tales from Broken Britain’.
Original review - Luke Wright

Jerry Sadowitz

When it comes to ‘caustic,’ the New Jersey-born Scottish comic is in a league of his own. Look a little closer and you might find that beneath the putrid filth of gags about dead children, race and other comedians, the ‘victim’ of the jokes is Sadowitz himself. A sad loser compelled to vent some charred spleen, you suspect he’d rather be doing nice card tricks for money.


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