Edinburgh Hogmanay 2011/2012: Bombay Bicycle Club vs Friendly Fires music quiz

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  • 19 December 2011
Edinburgh Hogmanay 2011/2012: Bombay Bicycle Club vs Friendly Fires music quiz

Two great bands - but who has the superior musical knowledge?

As the year draws to a close, two of the UK’s finest indie bands will play as part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations. But which of them can boast of superior musical knowledge? Friendly Fires’ Ed Macfarlane and Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jamie MacColl – let battle commence

In 2011, which Smiths song was covered in a John Lewis ad campaign?

Jamie: I don’t know – I know that it’s caused a huge brawl but I’m not a very big Smiths fan. Is it something to do with ‘You’re All That I Want’?

Ed: Oh, God, it was that awful Smiths cover. ‘Please Please Stop Ruining This Song’. The sentiment seems strange – please let me get what I want from your shop. We did a cover of ‘Strangelove’ by Depeche Mode for a Gucci ad but I don’t think our music really appeals to vintage Depeche Mode fans so we probably didn’t upset anyone.

Correct answer is ‘Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want’ – one-nil to Ed.

Radiohead surprised the world with a new album, called what?

Ed: I want to say Hail to the Thief but that wasn’t this year … King of Limbs.

Jamie: King of Limbs.

Both correct.

How much, on average, would a thousand plays on Spotify earn you?

Jamie: I reckon about a quid.

Ed: 70p.

Jamie is closest – it’s £1.20.

How much did a Glastonbury ticket cost in 2011?

Ed: Somewhere in the region of £200?

Jamie: £170.

Ed wins this one – correct answer is £195.

What did OFWGKTA stand for?

Jamie: Can you repeat it?


Jamie: Oh, Odd Future Kill Them All. Wait – Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Ed: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. We saw their set at SXSW and it was great. My only issue with them is that Wolf Gang sounds a bit too much like Wu Tang, but that’s probably the vibe they’re going for.

Both correct.

For a half bonus point, name another band with the word wolf in their name?

Ed: Wolf Mother.

Jamie: Wolf Gang.

Both correct.

Which film director decided it was Crazy Clown Time?

Ed: That’s a terrible name for an album, so it would have to be someone quite out there. David Lynch?

Jamie: David Lynch.

Both correct.

Yes. And for a bonus point, who guested on opening album track, ‘Pinky’s Dream’?

Ed: I’d need a clue.

A stylish lady from the States.

Ed: Zooey Deschanel? No. Scarlett. She’s done some singing, so it might have been her.

Jamie: Karen O.

Correct answer is Karen O.

Which song did pop brat Frankie Cocozza sing on X-Factor, infuriating Bobby Gillespie?

Ed: I don’t have much knowledge of the Primal Scream back catalogue or X-Factor, so I’ll go for ‘Country Girl’. We’re away on tour so much that we hardly ever get time to watch good British telly, let alone the bad stuff …

Jamie: ‘Country Girl’?

Both wrong – the correct answer was ‘Rocks’.

Which rap stars plundered the following songs (one point each): ‘Dominos’ by The Big Pink; ‘Your Woman’ by White Town; ‘I’ll Take Care of U’ by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX?

Ed: Dominos, I have no idea or Jamie XX but ‘Your Woman’ was covered by Wiley, wasn’t it?

Jamie: The last one was Rihanna, I don’t know the others. [After hearing the answer] Oh yeah, that Nicki Minaj one was terrible!

Correct answers were Nicki Minaj, Wiley and Drake featuring Rihanna respectively. Ed gets one point out of a possible three, Jamie gets a half.

Who wrote the soundtrack for Brit indie flick Submarine?

Ed: Oh! I know this. That monkey man. Arctic Monkeys guy. I have seen the film as well, so I should know this. Alex something. Turner? Alex Turner.

Jamie: Alex Turner.

Correct answer is Alex Turner.

Which Danish model inspired a smash single by The Vaccines?

Ed: I have absolutely no idea. I’m not really up on my model trivia …

Jamie: I don’t know. [After hearing the answer] Aw, I was gonna say ‘Nørgaar’, but I didn’t realise that was a person.

Correct answer is Amanda Nørgaar.

Who should have one the Mercury Music Prize this year?

Ed: Was it Peej that one in the end? That was a great album but I think the Mercury should be about helping people onto the next stage of their career. Even with James Blake, most of the parts of his songs that I like are the parts that aren’t even by him, so I’d vote for Wild Beasts.

Jamie: Do I get a point whatever I say? I think Metronomy.

Both are equally valid choices, although Ed is blatantly sucking up to his stage-mates.

Ed’s bonus question: What is the name of the fictional airline in the Friendly Fires video for ‘Hawaiian Air’?

Pala Air. I remember the director bringing in the little seat covers with the logo on and being really pleased. We tried to film most of the video in southern Spain but it was so completely grey when we got there that we might as well have stayed at home as it was the height of summer in the UK.

Jamie’s bonus question: The video for ‘Shuffle’ shows highlights from your European tour. One of the venues you played is named in the video – what is it?

Jamie: The Waterhole. That’s the end of the night, where we’re all dancing. The footage of the actual gig is the Lido in Berlin. [There’s also a third venue shown signposted.] That might be the Ould Zaal at the Melkweg then.



MacColl put up a valiant effort, scoring 8.5 out of a possible 15, but Macfarlane emerges as the victor with 9.5. Ed, you are on fire! James – on yer bike.

Friendly Fires headline the West End stage, while Bombay Bicycle Club support Primal Scream at the Concert in the Gardens, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Dec.

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