Indian art owner returns for collection after 14 years

  • 10 August 2007

A British man who took a collection of valuable 19th century Indian paintings to a museum to be valued has returned to collect them - after 14 years. According to Richard Blurton, a curator in the British Museum’s Asia department, attempts were made to find the owner after he dropped off the 64-piece collection at the free object identification service. The owner casually returned a few months ago only to discover he is now £70,000 richer. Mr Blurton said of the Hindu art: “They’re beautifully drawn and the colour is astonishingly sumptuous. There’s a great use of gold paint, which is rare because it’s expensive.” The museum bought the paintings, which will feature in an exhibition entitled, ‘Faith, Narrative and Desire: Masterpieces of Indian Painting’ until November 11.

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