Cinderella (Dundee Rep) (4 stars)


Witty script, excellent performances and bold lack of concern for tradition

Writer Phil Porter has taken perhaps the best-loved of all festive tales, pulled it apart and reassembled it with a bold lack of concern for tradition. Yes, folks, this is Cinderella but not as we know it. For starters, this version is set on a houseboat populated by retired magicians, cared for and cleaned up after by our downtrodden heroine (Kirsty Mackay). And Porter also throws in a number of eye-catching contemporary twists, with Prince Daniel (Kevin Lennon) auditioning prospective brides in a Britain’s Got Talent-style competition and the Queen (Irene MacDougall) stealing the show with a gangsta rap set piece.

While the production lacks sufficient gaps for audience participation (you can feel the crowd itching to join in) there’s plenty to compensate in Porter’s witty script – pitched at slightly older children and young-at-heart adults – and the generally excellent performances. MacDougall is hilarious, John Buick is funny and touching as retired magician Mr Marakovic, while Ann Louise Ross and Emily Winter and Natalie Wallace are deliciously wicked as Cinders’ grotesque stepmother and stepsisters respectively.

Dundee Rep, until Sat 31 Dec


Dundee Rep Ensemble presents Phil Porter's modern take on Cinderella, set on a floating retirement home and with plenty of silly characters that will make you laugh anew at a classic tale. Ages 5+.

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