Labrinth wants guitar for Christmas

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  • 12 December 2011


Labrinth is hoping for a new Gibson J45 acoustic guitar for Christmas

Labrinth is hoping for a new guitar for Christmas.

The rapper has enjoyed a good year with his second single 'Earthquake' reaching number two in the UK charts, and is hoping for a reward this Christmas in the form of an acoustic guitar worth over £1,000, or a luxury car.

Speaking ahead of his performance on TV show 'T4 Stars of 2011', which aired yesterday (11.12.11) he said: "On my Christmas list would be a Gibson J45 - beautiful guitar, an Aston Martin- even though I can't drive and socks and boxers - you can never go wrong with those!"

Labrinth - who produced Tinie Tempah's singles 'Pass Out', 'Frisky' and 'Wonderman' - also recently told how he had passed up on the chance to work with Rihanna so he can concentrate on developing British artists.

He said: "I could work with Rihanna if I wanted to but right now, I'm going to stick to UK artists."

"I love the idea that our industry and out urban industry is coming up. We've got loads of American coming over here to I talk to us about music, so it's really exciting and we need to create more while the door is open."

Labrinth is expected to release his debut album in 2012.


Timothy McKenzie aka Labrinth is one of the few acts in recent years to have been signed by Simon Cowell without first appearing on a TV talent show.

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