Cassandra Harrison

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  • 9 December 2011
Cassandra Harrison

Artist's works feature architecture, textiles, fabrics and stitching

Cassandra Harrison is a print and textile artist based in Edinburgh. Born in a small farming town in Nebraska, graduating with honours from a university that no longer exists, Cassandra eventually arrived in the UK where she is currently attempting to establish herself as an artist.

Her works feature architecture, which she creates in print on textiles then embellishes each piece with layers of fabrics and stitching. Brutalist architecture is a particular favourite – it’s exciting to make those large foreboding buildings into something small and tactile, completely changing their personality and context.

Recently Cassandra exhibited a 15-metre art installation throughout the UK, popped over to the states a bit then ended the show at the Newcastle Bioscience Centre. The artwork consists of sheets and pillowcases strung up on a clothesline. ‘The Connecting Thread – a personal psychogeography’ is an illustration of her family’s 200-year journey from the UK to the states and back again. Cassandra’s small works for walls have exhibited throughout the UK – most recently at the RSA Open exhibition.

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