Lost Sock Princess

Lost Sock Princess

A puppet theatre performance that lets you join in – all you need is an odd sock

Try as you might to wash and dry them together, socks have a way of parting company somewhere between the laundry basket and underwear drawer. It’s at that point you need the Lost Sock Princess to help you reunite the estranged pair. Or do you?

One of the central themes in Puppet Lab’s interactive show is that actually, daring to be different is no bad thing – including wearing odd socks. ‘Everybody is special and important, no matter what your abilities or disabilities – that’s the message at the end,’ says puppeteer Kim Bergsagel. ‘And that you don’t have to be like everybody else, you can be who you are.’

The story surrounding this wholly worthwhile message is, essentially, whatever you want it to be. At the start of each performance, the audience is called upon to choose which imaginary world the action takes place in, what’s in it, and which characters live there. And, if you arrive half an hour early armed with one of your own solo socks, you can take part in a workshop to create a sock puppet ‘extra’ to wear during the show.

Aimed at 3–7 year olds, Lost Sock Princess has been a hit across Scotland, largely because of its interactive elements. ‘I think the audience really does feel engaged and part of what’s happening,’ says Bergsagel. ‘It’s a very friendly, relaxed and fun show, and the audience always enjoys our improvisations – whether they work or not.’

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, until Fri 23 Dec.

The lost Sock Princess

Lost Sock Princess

If you've ever wondered where all the odd socks come from, join the Lost Sock Princess as she finally explains. Ages 3–7.

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