Peaking Lights - 936 (3 stars)

Peaking Lights - 936

Psychedelic dub-pop mesh of krautrock, afrobeat, soul and hand build synths

(Weird World/Domino)

This psychedelic dub-pop excursion from married couple Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis was originally released on LA DIY imprint Not Not Fun, and its woozy mesh of krautrock, afrobeat, reggae, soul and hand build synths is characteristic of the label’s technicolour art-pop vision.

While homespun vibes, tribal beats and analogue haze have become de rigueur in US underground pop circles of late, what sets this Wisconsin deuce’s second album apart is the vigour of its songs (and their sun-warped resemblance to The Chills). Highlights include the distorted, acid-washed 808 State reverie of ‘All The Sun That Shines’, the eerie vocals and frosted guitar chimes of ‘Birds of Paradise (Dub Version)’ and the spaghetti-western/’Chopsticks’ alliance of summer-fried ballad, ‘Hey Sparrow’.

Peaking Lights - Amazing & Wonderful

Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines

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