Standard Fare - Out of Sight, Out of Town (4 stars)

Standard Fare - Out of Sight, Out of Town

Raucous and thrilling indie ride from loveable power-pop trio


Sheffield’s Standard Fare are putting their childhood rehearsal sessions in their grandparent’s living rooms to fruitful use in adulthood. They have become a loveable power-pop trio whose second album, Out of Sight, Out of Town, is a raucous and thrilling indie ride.

Emma Cooper (daughter of Bella Donna, bassist in 80s anarcho-punks Poison Girls) is a compelling vocalist – by turns laidback, heartbreaking and riled – and Standard Fare’s songs are equally ardent, as evinced by the brassy swoons and brawny guitars of ‘051107’, the laid-back alt-rock of ‘Darth Vader’ and the au courant axe-pop of ‘Older Women’. Ace.

Standard Fare - Darth Vader

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