Tunng - This is Tunng: Live from the BBC (4 stars)

Tunng - This is Tunng: Live from the BBC

Warped magic of eccentric east London glitch folk collective

(Full Time Hobby)

With a line-up alteration or two, eccentric east London collective Tunng have gone from glitchy cut and pasters to singalong folksters. Their This is Tunng compilation features bouncy numbers (‘Jenny Again’, ‘Bullets’) from 2010’s And Then We Saw Land, but the superior cuts are delectable curios such as ‘Tamatant Tilay’ (their collaboration with Tuareg rabblerousers Tinariwen which sounds like the Stone Roses having a rammy in the Sahara) and ‘Beautiful & Light’, the mashed-up tale of a woman tipping over the edge. A gorgeously mad first half is slightly blunted by later, flatter, saner numbers such as a cover of Blue Pearl’s ‘Naked in the Rain’, but their warped magic lingers.

Tunng - Take, BBC Collective Junk Shop Session

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