New Coldplay album to have ‘Hispanic’ influence

  • 27 July 2007

Coldplay have revealed their next album will have Hispanic influences following recording sessions in Spain and a recent tour of Latin America. According to a handwritten message on their website, the album will have the “vibrancy and colourfulness that owes much to the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and Barcelona”. The message pointed out there would be no maracas or castanets however. The band admitted attempts to follow up the hugely successful X&Y, which was the biggest selling album in the world in 2005, had created ‘tension’. After recently reviewing their progress with producer Brian Eno, the website author continued: “Very little material got an unreserved thumbs up from everyone. However, far from feeling dispirited, we all came out feeling a lot more confident.” The album is due to be released next year.


The anthemic indie quartet continue to steamroller all before them.

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