Amelia Lily in 'fix' row

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  • 7 December 2011
Amelia Lily

Amelia Lily

Fans reacted in fury when it emerged retailer HMV are selling an 'X Factor' winner's single by Amelia Lily to pre-order but not other finalists Marcus Collins or Little Mix

'The X Factor' has been hit by fix claims after a winner's single by Amelia Lily was made available for pre-order.

Shocked fans reacted in fury when browsing music retailer HMV's website revealed a track from the 17-year-old singer was listed in future releases, but there were no similar entries for her fellow finalists Marcus Collins or Little Mix.

One fan said: "I was pretty shocked - I was just browsing the upcoming releases and spotted it.

"I assumed it was something that would allow you to buy the single of whoever went on to win.

"But the only option was to buy Amelia Lily's song - there was no option for Marcus or Little Mix.

"I had to wonder whether the result of the show was known somehow by the store. I was shocked."

Despite angry outbursts on social networking website twitter, a spokesperson for HMV insisted the pre-sale oversight was a genuine error.

They said: "It was an error. We are putting all three singles up so people have a chance to pre-order them all. But only the actual winner's song will be processed."

Meanwhile, Amelia - who was booted out of the ITV1 show in the first week of the live episodes before being reinstated as a replacement for axed act Frankie Cocozza five weeks later - is battling laryngitis and strained vocal cords ahead of the final this weekend (10.12.11).

A source told The Sun newspaper: "She's been under the most amount of pressure out of anyone and she's just 17. She is fiercely ambitious but she hasn't had the chance to grow up yet.

"Her voice is her biggest weapon but this week singing has started to hurt and she's worried. It's stress on top of stress."

'X Factor' contestants work for between 12 and 14 hours a day promoting the programme, being styled, learning dance routines or playing secret gigs - and Amelia is feeling the effects.

Another insider added: "Amelia looks older than she is but you've got to remember she's just a little girl.

"Everyone on set is rallying around her and it will do her good to go home to Middlesbrough this week and relax. She needs some time out."

Meanwhile, Marcus has been told to sleep for 10 hours by his mentor Gary Barlow because he is worn out due to the hectic schedule.

The Take That singer explained: "He's shattered."

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