Jonnie Common - Hair of the Dog (4 stars)

Jonnie Common - Hair of the Dog

Common's debut Master of None yields a just-as-good set of muso-buddy remixes

(Red Deer Club)

Jonnie Common’s debut album Master of None: a record so good he actually got two albums out of it. This remix package is more of an appendix to the original than a cohesive new creation in its own right, but its roll call of some of Scotland’s leading contemporary lights throws up a few surprising results.

Dems’ sparse take on ‘Infinitea’ reminds of James Blake, while FOUND turn ‘Shogun’ into a building electro-acoustic anthem in the mould of The Beta Band. OnTheFly’s ‘Lungs Are Important’ starts off all John Carpenter before taking a detour into slowed-down chip-pop, and A La Fu + Loomin's 'Exit Stage Left' is minimal and gorgeous, echoing Boards of Canada.

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