Russell T. Davies quits Hollywood

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  • 6 December 2011
Russell T. Davies

Russell T. Davies

Russell T. Davies has quit Hollywood to care for his partner Andrew Smith, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in August

Russell T. Davies has quit Hollywood to care for his sick partner.

The writer - who was responsible for bringing 'Doctor Who back to TV - has left Los Angeles where he was working on a new programme for BBC Worldwide and US network Showtime and returned to Manchester so his boyfriend Andrew Smith can be treated for brain cancer.

He explained: "There we were, living in LA and loving it. I had shows lined up and everything when Andrew started to get these headaches. We wondered if it was the change of city, the water or the fact he wasn't working.

"It was getting bad so we decided he'd see a doctor when we came back in August for a three-week holiday. He went to the doctor, who sent him for a scan. When we got the results they told us he had cancer of the brain. They needed to operate straight away. Three days later he was having surgery.

"That's where we are now. He's had thirty consecutive days of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and we've got six months of chemotherapy ahead of us.

"He's not allowed to drive. The lives we had in LA just sort of closed down overnight. All of my stuff, my computers and clothes were over there. We had to have everything shipped over here in crates."

Although Russell believes the show he was working on in the US - a new gay drama called 'Cucumber' - is the best thing he has written in years he had no reservations about quitting in order to look after Andrew.

He told "It's the best thing I've written in a decade. Showtime loved it. We'd just got to the point of casting when Andrew and I came back to Britain.

"There's no way I'd let it happen without me. Showtime was lovely. They were like, 'Your boyfriend needs to get well'. The BBC was the same. I don't know when I'll start work again. I've got to see how Andrew's health goes.

"I've stopped work. I haven't worked since August. We're lucky we've got enough money in the bank that, if need be, I can take the whole of next year off. I've always been a good saver. I've always had that mentality that you've got to be ready for a rainy day.

"People keep asking me if I've really stopped working. I used to work so hard you see, they think I must be secretly working on something, but I'm not.

"It was a simple decision: he's more important. Who gives a f**k about writing scripts if I can stay at home with him and make his day a bit happier?"

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