Reluctant Santa Paddy Doherty

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  • 6 December 2011
Paddy Doherty

Paddy Doherty

Paddy Doherty gets grumpy when he's asked to dress up as Santa to give out sweets to kids in ' My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas'

Paddy Doherty dresses up as Santa Claus during 'My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas'.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner and star of the original ' Gypsy Weddings ' TV series is upset when his wife Roseanne suggests he dress as Father Christmas to give out sweets to all the children on the travellers' site.

Worried he will spoil his hardman image, the former bare knuckle boxer complains: "I'll look like a sausage!"

However, after a little persuasion, Roseanne triumphs and Paddy dons a hat to give out sweets to children in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Elsewhere on the show viewers will see how the travelling community spends the festive season, with the show focussing on Rathkeale, South West Ireland, where travellers gather from all across Europe for a huge party.

Many take advantage of the occasion to get married and the show includes nine weddings which took place last Christmas.

One of the brides, Lavinia, has a wedding dress with 20 underskirts which is so heavy she uses nappies as padding to protect her hips. She is then made to wait for an hour outside the church in the freezing cold while he groom is in the pub.

As she waits Lavinia, 17, says: "It's the worst experience of my life carrying this dress. It's 15 stone."

It is traditional for grooms to be in the pub ahead of their wedding, and as Lavinia waits her father tries to track down groom Edward, 24, a tarmac layer.

A wedding guest says on the programme: "The men get dressed, they go to the pub, they drink until they are sick, then they come here."

'My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas' airs on Channel 4 next Tuesday (13.12.11).

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