Singles of the month: She & Him's 'Christmas Day' and Laki Mera's 'Crater (Mogwai remix)'

Singles of the month: She & Him's 'Christmas Day' and Laki Mera's 'Crater (Mogwai remix)'

She & Him

The Plimptons, Smith & Burrows, Trailer Trash Tracys and more

This being ‘the Christmas issue’, there are a few festive tracks in the mix. The Plimptons (16 Ohm) ●● release ‘Christmas All Over This Town’ – Madness type fun but with love ‘em/hate ‘em vocals.

Smith & Burrows, comprised of Editors’ Tom Smith and Andy Burrows (Razorlight/We Are Scientists), offer up cringeworthy Christmas beast, ‘When The Thames Froze’ (Kitchenware) ●●. Seemingly pitched as a Christmas protest song, it’s difficult to swallow the trite rhyming couplets and hard to believe there’s a whole album of this stuff (Funny Looking Angels) on the loose.

Elsewhere, a double A-side from Trailer Trash Tracys, ‘Candy Girl’ / ‘Strangling Good Guys’ (Double Six) ●●●, channels My Bloody Valentine and a Twin Peaks vibe for two breathy, haunting garage rock tracks. Twin Atlantic release ‘Free’ (Red Bull) ●●, the title track from their debut record, and one sure to appeal to their devout fanbase. Best avoided though by those who never liked The Ataris/Taking Back Sunday in the first place.

‘The Lion’s Road’ (Wichita) ●●● is the first single from First Aid Kit’s upcoming Mike Mogis-produced record. Fact: the video involves ladies frolicking in a field (see below if you don't believe us). Theme Park release ‘Milk’ (Luv Luv Luv) ●●●, their danceable, summery second single, while Parisienne Mina Tindle’s self-titled debut EP (Believe ●●●) comes off part Dirty Projectors, part Emiliana Torrini.

Since this is the season for generosity, we’ll give a non-seasonal-themed Single of the Month to Mogwai’s Laki Mera remix, ‘Crater’ (Just Music) ●●●●, sounding like a haunting, abstract Au Revoir Simone. Christmas Single of the Month goes to She & Him’s ‘Christmas Day’ (Double Six) ●●●●, to be enjoyed whilst swigging eggnog and wearing a massive novelty jumper.

YouTube: The Plimptons - Christmas All Over This Town

YouTube: Smith & Burrows - When The Thames Froze

Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl

YouTube: Twin Atlantic - 'Free' (Official)

YouTube: First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

Theme Park - Milk

YouTube: Mina Tindle - To Carry Many Small Things, from the Mina Tindle EP

Laki Mera 'Crater (Mogwai remix)'

She & Him - Christmas Day

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