Steven Moffat wants Matt Smith for Doctor Who movie

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  • 2 December 2011
The Doctor with his companions

Matt Smith

'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffat wants existing TV Time Lord Matt Smith to appear in the big screen version of the BBC One sci-fi show

Steven Moffat wants the existing TV Time Lord to appear in the 'Doctor Who' movie.

The BBC One sci-fi show is set to be turned into a film and the programme's showrunner thinks the current Doctor - who is played by Matt Smith - should portray him on the big screen.

Writing on his twitter page, Steven said: "There are no developed plans for a 'Doctor Who' movie at the moment. It's an incredibly exciting idea to get that magic blue box flying across our cinema screens.

"But if and when the movie happens it will need to star television's 'Doctor Who' - and there's only ever one of those at a time."

Steven spoke out after 'Harry Potter' director David Yates revealed he was working on a 'Doctor Who' movie and that it would likely have a new star playing the Time Lord.

He added: "The brilliant David Yates was talking off the cuff and a little prematurely."

David - who said he plans to spend "two to three years" working with the BBC to turn the popular sci-fi TV series into a cinematic spectacular - revealed he was looking for a writer rather than thinking about the lead actor.

He said: "I can't really talk about that because it's such a long way away. We're principally looking for a writer, and we'll start with that. Everything has to start with a great script, so that's more important than [casting]."

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