Patrick Monahan eyes TV sitcom

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  • 30 November 2011
'Patrick Monahan Live' is out now on DVD and digital download.

'Patrick Monahan Live' is out now on DVD and digital download.

'Show Me The Funny' winner Patrick Monahan is writing a TV sitcom, but the Irish funnyman admits he is unlikely to be starring in the show himself

Patrick Monahan is writing a TV sitcom.

The Irish comedian - who won 'Show Me The Funny' earlier this year - has already filmed a festive comedy special for ITV1, and is hopeful his self-penned sitcom with hit screens in 2012.

However, the 35-year-old funnyman admitted he could only star in the show himself if his alter-ego was an extension of his own character.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I filmed a show for ITV, which is a stand up show that goes out on December 20, and is like a comedy annual of the year. Then I'm just working on a couple of other things for my YouTube channel, and also hopefully working on a sitcom. There's a load of projects going on!

"But the thing is with stand-ups, we're not necessarily good actors. If I went into acting, it would have to be a role that would be more like an extension of my character. I couldn't go off and do a bit of Shakespeare next month, it just wouldn't be believable - imagine trying to cry on stage! "

Despite being crowned champion of 'Show Me The Funny' in August, Patrick confessed he hates telling people he's a comedian as they automatically expect him to be funny.

He explained: "The problem is, say when you're at a friend's party and you're getting introduced to someone as a comedian, they instantly think everything you say is funny.

"You'll say, 'I'm just going to get a drink', and they say, 'Oh that's quite funny - you getting drinks are ya?' It also puts pressure on them, they think, 'Oh god, is this a joke now? Is he using me as material?' So I always tell them I'm a plumber or something and make up random stuff."

'Patrick Monahan Live' is out now on DVD and digital download.

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