Jeff Hordley loves being 'soap's most hated'

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  • 30 November 2011
Jeff Hordley

Jeff Hordley

'Emmerdale' star Jeff Hordley loves playing Cain Dingle because he's ''soap's most hated man''

'Emmerdale' star Jeff Hordley loves playing "soap's most hated man".

The actor has played violent womaniser Cain Dingle in the ITV1 soap for over 11 years and has admitted he's a great character to portray because he speaks his mind.

Speaking about Cain - who recently got 16-year-old Amy Wyatt pregnant after a brief fling - Jeff told The Sun newspaper: "He's the most hated man in soap at the moment and that's great fun to play. In this country we are generally all so polite and Cain isn't. He just speaks his mind.

"I'm in the character's shoes and I staunchly defend why he is like he is. I can see why he is gunning for Amy.

"She told him she was 19 when they slept together and she was actually 16. His ex, Charity, is marrying Jai so he is annoyed with them and I can see why he is angry with his dad, because he won't leave him alone.

"I've got mates who have had fisticuffs with their dads. I've never done it but it's not uncommon for fathers and sons to be at loggerheads."

During recent months, Cain has punched his father, Zak, seduced three women, including married Moira, spilt the beans to her husband John to ruin her marriage and generally made life as miserable as possible for anyone he made the mistake of running in to him.

But Cain is set to get his comeuppance as he is beaten up and left for dead in two dramatic episodes to be aired next week, entitled 'Judgement Day'.

Six characters are in the frame for the attack but viewers won't find out who committed the crime until the New Year.

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